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Uncivil War

The tiki torch parade on the eve of the Charlottesville, Virginia protest march was nothing short of a visual provocation. There can be no other explanation. The organizers knew that it would inflame the “Alt” Left and bring out an … Continue reading

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Guns, Guns, Guns

God Speed, Mother Nature When the Guess Who produced this song, there was an awareness that there were differences between the USA and Canada which couldn’t be more defined than in the rights of citizens to bear arms, or not. … Continue reading

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Oro African Church

At the end of the Underground Railroad lived a community of people who had a strong faith. This is their church.

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Opening Shots of WWIII?

One hundred years ago, yesterday, the United States of America entered The Great War. Last night, at 8:45 EDT, that same country may have sparked the beginning of yet another world war. The Aspects Sun – 17 Aries 24′ Moon … Continue reading

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At This Point in Time: Nine-Eleven

Fourteen years ago, this week, the largest terrorist attack on American soil took place. Many conspiracy theorists have since claimed that it was a “false-flag” event in order to win over public support for a ‘war on terror’. What do … Continue reading

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