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OMG: You’re the Creator?

The Architect The Matrix Reloaded writers got it right. Our world is a simulation program that has an anomaly. Us. We have the free will to change the program at any time, but we’re so busy trying to make sense … Continue reading

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Tomorrowland: Is It Happening Now?

“Is it real life, or just a fantasy?” As luck (?) would have it, Tomorrowland, the film, was shown on television, yesterday. George Clooney, we have noticed, likes to make a point of being in films that make a point. … Continue reading

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Did “Avatar” Open Pandora’s Box?

Or just lift the lid to take a peek? They say what goes around, comes around again. It’s been a number of years since this film was released to the world. And now Disney World has a world of Pandora … Continue reading

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Are You an Empath?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In 1983, I watched a video tape of Blade Runner. I was knocked out by the visionary feel that was presented in this film. What I hadn’t realized at the time was that it … Continue reading

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My Satanic Struggle (screenplay)

Overview It might seem self-fulfilling, but I wrote a screenplay in 1978 that was supposed to be projected into the future (1996). I had to wait another 20 years for some of the more outlandish ideas to actually occur. Some … Continue reading

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