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143 xo

My wife has a pendant that encapsulates her parents’ love for each other. When we were first back in touch with each other, she asked me to guess what it meant. Being a literalist I wrote: “I for thee”. Well, … Continue reading

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Sibling Love

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A Course in Miracles Made Easy

Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love Most of us recognize the fact that we spend a lot of time every day worrying about the world and his uncle. The media sells its products based on the negative side of … Continue reading

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Caught on Camera: Another Visitation?

In 1980, Susan’s father suffered a heart attack. Susan was so distraught that her (then) husband took the whole family to San Josef Bay on Vancouver Island to take her mind off the situation. Susan wrote in the sand “Get … Continue reading

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Facing Our Fears: You’re Not Alone

(Another letter to my Mom) Dear Mom, (Dec 7 1988) Thanks for the early Christmas card. Your comment about ‘hearing’, coupled with your 1989 ‘coming events’, finally put my mind in tune with what has happened to you. One forgets … Continue reading

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Sleeper Cells: spiritual fifth columnists

The Coming of the Holy Grail There aren’t too many books in this world which can turn one’s world-view entirely upside-down. This book does, and in such a way that it makes one wonder if one’s thinking has always been … Continue reading

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Walk With Me

Most of the time, I have written sonnets and other recognizable poetic formats. Here’s one that is different in the fact that it was written more simply, but with great emotion. Walk With Me Into The Light Walk with me … Continue reading

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