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Emily Brontë: Love and Hate

Emily Brontë was a very complicated woman. Whatever was going on inside her head and her heart drove her to write fiction. And, as a result, her characters in Wuthering Heights seem to be full of passion, while full of … Continue reading

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Roses Say It All: I Love You

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Wuthering Heights: Shadow and Light

I watched the 2009 version of this Emily Brontë classic last night on PBS. Tom Hardy, who played Heathcliff, was at his most voluptuous in this TV mini-series. Compared with others who have played this role, he did not need … Continue reading

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Twin Flames The popular explanation for the concept of soulmates is two halves of one soul. Does that even sound possible? People, especially those who espouse New Age concepts, like to think that there is a perfect match for them: … Continue reading

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Is this Normal Behaviour?

In early 1978, I met the woman who would later that year become my second wife, and her two-year old daughter. The details are unimportant, but the relationship that I split up is the point of this story. Background Sue … Continue reading

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The Dark Secret of the Iris

I received this poem in the mail in November 1991, unsigned. I suspect it is an original work, but it might have been copied from elsewhere. If you are the poet, please contact me.   The Power of the Eye? … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Dentist I went to a new dentist yesterday, one that is more local to where we live, because I have a tooth that needs to come out. It turned out that they had an opening at … Continue reading

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