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A Course in Miracles Made Easy

Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love Most of us recognize the fact that we spend a lot of time every day worrying about the world and his uncle. The media sells its products based on the negative side of … Continue reading

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Jesus of Nazareth

When I was writing The Star of Bethlehem I added a small number of appendices, including this one: Jesus’ Natal Aspects. The text is adapted from Planets in Youth by Robert Hand. Personal Planets Sun Opposition Moon You will learn … Continue reading

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Yesterday, in our Faith and Science group, we discussed the concept of Trinity and how to best explain it, in modern terms.   Most of the time, we let the words trip off our tongues without much thought, but the … Continue reading

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Sleeper Cells: spiritual fifth columnists

The Coming of the Holy Grail There aren’t too many books in this world which can turn one’s world-view entirely upside-down. This book does, and in such a way that it makes one wonder if one’s thinking has always been … Continue reading

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Star: 15 – Epilogue

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ+. What if it’s happening NOW? What if the LGBTI community is here to live out Jesus’ message to love your neighbour as yourself? LGBTI Star of … Continue reading

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Star: 14 – Some Conclusions (part 3)

Was Jesus really a woman? I don’t think so, but a lot of people have speculated that he might have been an hermaphrodite. This would help explain the balance in his birth chart. Parthenogenesis? Star of Bethlehem Let us continue … Continue reading

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Star: 14 – Some Conclusions (part 2)

There isn’t a lot written about Jesus’ mother, Mary, in the Bible. Who was she? Why was she ignored by everyone, except Matthew who gives Jesus’ genealogy down Mary’s lineage? What was the Church ashamed of? What about Mary, Jesus’ … Continue reading

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