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In Case of Nuclear Attack: Duck and Cover

A Personal Countermeasure In the 1950’s, school children in North America were taught to Duck and Cover in the event of a surprise nuclear attack by the U.S.S.R. (Do they still teach that now?) The inhabitants of, and visitors to, … Continue reading

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This Day…in Infamy

  Attack on Pearl Harbor This has to be the most famous of all Conspiracy Theories. Did the ‘powers that be’ allow the Japanese to attack and utterly destroy the American fleet based in Hawaii? Let’s review the History first … Continue reading

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Did Hitler Escape Death?

  The Second Most Hated Man in 2000 Years We have an obsession about ‘bad’ people. They fascinate us. They make us think about evil in human terms. They spawn conspiracy theories about escaping justice and death. The most obvious … Continue reading

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Will That Be Cash or…?

Chargex In the late 1960’s, a ‘new’ concept in credit was introduced: credit cards for general use. Initially, charge cards were in circulation in order to make it easier for wealthy people to make everyday purchases of hotel stays, expensive … Continue reading

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A Question of Evil

This article was prompted by a Richard Rohr Meditation that I got in my inbox this morning. In it, he discusses how systemic evil is in life. Evil only succeeds by disguising itself as good. Dom Hélder Câmara (1909-1999) was … Continue reading

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Mount Cardou: the Tomb of God?

There is a mystery in the countryside near Rennes-le-Château. But there has been a lot of speculation as to what on earth it might be. Poussin’s painting might give us a clue, but to investigate it, one must keep an … Continue reading

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Planet X: Fake News?

Or Wishful Thinking? “We’re all going to hell in a handcart” There’s been another flurry of interest in the End of the World. This time it will happen 33 days after the Great American Solar Eclipse on the 21st of … Continue reading

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