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Guns, Guns, Guns

God Speed, Mother Nature When the Guess Who produced this song, there was an awareness that there were differences between the USA and Canada which couldn’t be more defined than in the rights of citizens to bear arms, or not. … Continue reading

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Steve and Me

On the eve of the Canadian election in 2015, my wife was at the Fredericton airport, checking her bag, before her flight back to Toronto. Off to one side, she noticed a small gathering of people. The person at the … Continue reading

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Other Points in Time: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

The History The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement fought primarily as part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, during the First World War. The main combatants were the Canadian Corps, of four … Continue reading

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The Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada started in London

Beaver House, Revisited   Recently I visited Hudson’s Bay’s Ancient home in the middle of London. Dangers of the wild, the strength of the gun Inspired the fur traders’ foreign forays: Searching for beaver pelts all of their days; Seeking … Continue reading

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