Colourful Hanging Baskets

Colourful Hanging Flowers

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Gemini – The Twins


Courtesy of Wikiwand

Third sign of the zodiac

Its symbol represents two pieces of wood bound together, symbolical of the unremitting conflict of contradictory mental process.

The Sun is in Gemini annually from May 21 to June 20.

Astrologically and astronomically it is the thirty-degree arc immediately preceding the Summer Solstice, marked by the passing of the Sun over the Tropic of Cancer, and occupying a position along the Ecliptic from 60° to 90°.

It is the Mutable quality of the Air element: positive, dual.

Ruler: Mercury.

Detriment: Jupiter.

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Wind Chimes and Lilacs II

Wind Chimes and Lilacs II

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Colourful Sunset

Colourful Sunset

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Wind Chimes and Lilacs

Wind Chimes and Lilacs

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Caught on Camera: Another Visitation?

In 1980, Susan’s father suffered a heart attack. Susan was so distraught that her (then) husband took the whole family to San Josef Bay on Vancouver Island to take her mind off the situation.

Susan wrote in the sand “Get Well, Dad – Love xo”, and took a photograph of the message. Then Dave took a couple of photos of Susan, then other photos of the family and the location.

When the set of prints came back from the developer, three of them had a ‘cloud of pink’ hue in the centre, one of them being the photo of the message, the other two are reprinted here.

A psychic told Susan later that she was a good person and she was being “Surrounded by Love”.

Surrounded by Love 1Surrounded by Love 2

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Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

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