Quantum Mechanics: an Analogy

Infinite Potential

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Infinite Potential

“Potentiality waves are invisible not only because they are numbers but also because they represent a state of waiting to be actualized. In the actualization they cease to exist.” (Page 48)

The author, Lothar Schäfer, is attempting to explain how waves turn into particles.

His understanding has a decidedly spiritual perspective which may make these obtuse ideas clearer when viewed that way.  But he took more than 300 pages to say it all, and yet I got his particular point of view at page 48.


My Analogy

Quantum Mechanics is more easily understood if you think about the Universe as a giant computer. The computer code (i.e. language) is a series of instructions that, when run in a particular sequence, will bring a visual presentation of an idea to life.

Computer games are the classic way to see this phenomenon. Someone ‘imagined’ a sequence of action. They wrote it in computer code and ran it through a computer. The result? An interactive game that anyone can play and enjoy.



Women Code
courtesy of ACM Siggraph


At their most basic level, the ‘words’ used in computer code are the binary numbers zero (0) and one (1). And, until the programme puts all those ‘words’ together in the correct sequence, they are meaningless signals.





Each one of us is coded, too. Positive and negative, we interact in a hologram called Life. The whole system depends on both values, otherwise, nothing will work.

The Matrix, anyone?





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The TTC: Toronto Transit Commission


This is a pictorial homage to a institution that I grew up with in the city of my birth: the Toronto Transit Commission.


My earliest memories include Sunday rides on streetcars, the Toronto tram system.

Old Streetcar

They were steamy in winter, hot in summer, very, very noisy and always full of people: but I loved them.

Now they look like this:




I don’t recall riding a bus as a child, but mostly as a teenager. That was when I took a Greyhound bus from Barrie to the Bus Terminal on Dundas Street, and caught a city bus from there.

Old Bus

They went everywhere the streetcars didn’t, so they were essentially unrestricted in their movements.

Here’s what they look like now:




It takes a special kind of person to enjoy going underground in a conveyance that is right up against the tunnel walls, and showers them with sparks from its rail lines.

Old Subway

As a person born and raised in Toronto, I thought nothing about how terrifying the subway could be until I took a couple of friends along for the ride. They’d never been in a subway before, and their eyes were wide as saucers throughout the whole journey.

Here’s their modern look:




All the modern ways of traveling on transit in Toronto have become quieter commutes, but I still prefer the old noisier ways. (Spoken like an old guy, eh?)

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I want to hold you so near

That we become only one,

But something has come between:

A feeling of unloved fear

That you’d like to ignore, shun;

Blind thoughts of what might have been.


Our relationship’s futile,

Because we lack a good chance

Of making it permanent:

Love need not mean denial

Of ourselves, but can enhance

Ev’rything, to each, we’ve meant.


(written in 1977)

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Searching the Abstract

I often joke with family and friends that I can find anyone or anything if I set my mind to do it. Here’s a case in point:



Noel Coward’s “Present Laughter” on Broadway 2017

I watched this programme on PBS last Friday night. The show was a lot of fun, but something caught my eye: an abstract print in the background. (If you want to see it in action, check out the video at 23-25 seconds…)

The reason it caught my eye is because I have recently been part of a Facebook group called “Abstract” and a lot of the early pioneers had circular oil paintings in their art portfolios.

So I asked the group who might be the artist of the piece, and they were having trouble getting a glimpse of the posted PBS video. So I took a snapshot of it.

Present Laughter print

The lighting may have contributed to the subdued tone and pastel colouring, but I knew I’d seen this one somewhere before, and I needed to find it again.


The Search Ensued

There are a great many abstract artists and their work on the internet. I felt sure I could track it down, but the frames of reference were going to have to be very tightly defined in order for the Google Search engine to find it for me.

One of the “Abstract” group used her scrying ability to see what she could come up with. Her comment on it being from the 1960’s led my researches today.

After almost 2 hours I finally hit on the following Google Search line: “40’s abstract bisected concentric circles”. (Try it yourself, if you want to see what comes up.)

Finally, a direct hit, of sorts…


Rythme Coloré 1946 oil painting by Sonia Delaunay

Rythme Colore 1946-robert-delaunay-oil-on-canvas


This painting was originally listed by Pinterest as one by Robert Delaunay, but it is clearly signed by his wife, Sonia.

It is not an exact match for the “Present Laughter” one, but it definitely makes the search less fraught. I’ve narrowed it down to a date and an artist and a series (I suspect). If I want to continue, it should be easier now.


Why is this important?

Because I think I saw this painting at an art exhibition in Toronto when I was a very young child. My Mom used to take me on Sundays to any cultural events which were inexpensive.

Of course, my overriding memory is travelling on a Streetcar, but that’s a different story for another occasion.

Another mystery solved.

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Hidden Feelings


Image courtesy of amazon.co.uk

Emotions play on feelings from within:

Your deepest thought is hidden like a sin;

But, should the world behold your feelings true,

You’d swear that none of them belonged to you.


What makes us lie concerning what we thought?

Is it the shame of feeling we’ve been caught

By prying minds of those we do not trust

Who would not understand that love is not just lust?


If you and I could only live as one,

We’d love forever, until our lives were done.


(written in 1975)

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Soul Searching


Image courtesy of Your Soul Connection

A special thought occurred to me the other day:

When I open up my soul, you don’t look away;

You hold me at arm’s length to get a better view;

You listen to what I have to say, ‘though you knew

All along what I was feeling deep down inside,

And you say that I’ve no secret I have to hide.


So, from this time forth, forevermore,

I shall let you view my very core.


(written in 1976)

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Dare You?

I dare you

Image courtesy of The Sun

It shouldn’t be shocking

That I like black stockings

On women who know what to wear


For what would look better

Unless they were wetter

Than clinging T-shirts down to there


For clothing is sexy

And muscles reflexy

Control the hot passion to share


In loving and kssing

You won’t know what’s missing

Until you are willing to dare.


(written in 1978)

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