Did “Avatar” Open Pandora’s Box?


Courtesy of YouTube

Or just lift the lid to take a peek?

They say what goes around, comes around again. It’s been a number of years since this film was released to the world. And now Disney World has a world of Pandora for us to visit.

When I first saw it, I was literally struck with the symbolism of the story. Here was an invading force of enterprising individuals seeking the retrieval of abundant resources to be returned to their home, under the protection of the military to keep the natives at bay. Where have we heard that story before?

Oh, right: Europeans seeking beaver pelts from the First Nations in North America. Look how that turned out.


Dances With Wolves, again?

One of the crew, using an Avatar to help navigate the planetary energies, decides to go “native”. He joins up with the Na’vi and fights the takeover of their land. This time, the hero is flying with dragons, not dancing with wolves.

From Wikipedia:

By 2154, humans have depleted Earth‘s natural resources, leading to a severe energy crisis. The Resources Development Administration (RDA for short) mines for a valuable mineral — unobtanium — on Pandora, a densely forested habitable moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri star system. Pandora, whose atmosphere is poisonous to humans, is inhabited by the Na’vi, a species of 10-foot tall (3.0 m), blue-skinned, sapient humanoids that live in harmony with nature and worship a mother goddess named Eywa.

(Just so as we’re on the same page, “Eywa” is pig-Latin for “Way”)

Alpha Centauri, eh? The Centaur was a mythical creature, the most famous being Chiron, the “Wounded Healer”. His image is that of a man and a horse fused into one body.


Courtesy of Wikipedia

The fusion of the Avatar with his flying beast is a direct echo of this creature. (Nothing new under the sun…)


Space Settlements

The ‘peek’ I was suggesting in the first subtitle is that the military have been exploring other planets and building space colonies in order to prepare for a time when Earth can no longer support its inhabitants.

People like David Icke and David Wilcock (two Davids vs. a Goliath?) have been trying to warn us that this preparation has been going on under our very noses for at least 40 years. Check out this link for details. You don’t have to buy into this concept: it will happen whether or not you believe in it.



We are living on a planet which we are slowly killing. The ‘powers that be’ decided that they cannot solve the man-made problems, so they are looking for an escape route. Contrary to what the article stated, the ordinary folk will be left behind. Only the “Elite” (read: “Elect”) will be saved. This is a perversion of the “Rapture” concept.

Since human life is not the only way we can express our Spiritual Being, may I suggest that we will withdraw from the “Avatar” of our Earthly body, and go elsewhere?




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State of the Union: Two Roman Memories


I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena

From the Preface: “I REMEMBER UNION is the story of Mary Magdalena, an endearing woman who remembers her oneness with spirit and with all things. This memory guides her to the vision of peace, which she endeavors to bring to the world.”

This book was channeled, beginning in 1989. The version I have was published in 2001 (Fourth edition) by All Worlds Publishing, Putney VT. I found it in a local Goodwill shop, a week after I finished the serialization of my manuscript The Star of Bethlehem. To me, it was confirmation of something I had been holding as a secret for almost 2000 years.

There are two Romans in this memoir: one who came to Mary under cover of darkness; the other the local head of Rome’s control in the region, Pontius Pilate.

The Roman

Late that afternoon, I heard the festivities in the city below, the people becoming gayer and the noise growing louder as night approached.

Naomi was away in the town buying the food for our dinner, and so when he knocked at the door, it was I who answered.

He had removed his soldier’s cloths and wore a tunic of soft ruby color. I would not have known he was a Roman. He was handsome to me, tall and broad, with brown hair and a gentle smile which played at the corners of his eyes and lips. He smiled at me with a recognition that I felt as well, but was more hesitant to acknowledge.

He spoke first: “You are the one of Migdala, called Mary Magdalena?”

“Yes.” I waited, offering no more information.

“I have come because there is a matter we must discuss. Will you speak with me now?”

He looked past me through the door, as if making certain that I was alone so that we could speak unobserved.

“Yes, I will talk with you,” I said, moving aside as he entered my home. I covered the window by the door as a sign to Naomi that I was not alone.

He studied me openly and honestly, without pretense. I did not invite him to sit, and we stood, feeling an urgency suddenly upon us.

“I lead the Roman army, Mary,” he said suddenly. “The soldiers take their orders from me.”

A shiver went through my body. “And why are you here?” I asked, sensing the answer before he said it.

“I am here because of him.”

“Oh,” I said, sitting down. I felt a sudden chill in the air and knew the chill was from my heart.

“I thought you would know who I am,” he said to me.

“I have been watching you now for many months, hoping you would come and speak to me of the matters to which we must both attend.” He paused. “And when you did not, I decided to take matters into my own hands. You know what I must do, and we must talk. You must meet me at my place of living tonight. I cannot stay here, for your safety, as you must know.”

He gave me the direction, we set the hour, and he was gone.

The Reckoning of Pontius Pilate

“You know why I have come, Pilate?” I asked.

“Yes of course, you have come to beg for the life of the man that you love. What is his name now, oh yes, the man called Christ.”

“Pilate, let us put aside our differences so that our conversation may yield us the desired results,” I said.

“Your desired results, you mean,” he snickered.

“Pilate, there is one design and one outcome, and we both know what that outcome will be and how it will appear. You and I are servants of the people and must guide them into knowledge and truth as best we can.

“The time has come for the reckoning: the reckoning of you, me, Christ, the disciples, and the people. Our choices are important to the outcome. Your choice is important to the outcome. Will you at least accord this?” I asked him.

“Do you not understand?” he replied. “I do not care about the design. It has brought me nothing. I have made my own way. I care only for the body and the power, for this is all that will withstand the test of the people. They have long ago forgotten the truth and the way. Yes, I know of what you speak, and it is no longer real for me, for I have seen what works here, and it is not love and peace and the choice for justice.”

He became incensed, screaming at me, “It is power that assures one’s place, and I will triumph! You will see. I have power, and he does not. Of course, long after we have gone he will have power, but now, now is when the power is to be wrested from the people! Now! For now is all that matters. You will see!”

Compare and Contrast

There obviously WAS a Passover Plot! The first Roman was risking his life and reputation to set the wheels in motion for it to work. If it had been known, he would have been tried for treason.

It seems that Pontius Pilate was fully aware of the plot, but wouldn’t back down on crucifying Jesus. This act was to be his ‘greatest’ achievement. He would never be forgotten: so be careful what you ask for…

So which Roman would seem to be more like me, now, in this lifetime…? Not hard to see, is it?

The Passover Plot

And what was that plot? To make sure that Jesus came down off that cross before he died, so that he could be revived.

“There is another matter which strikes us as strange. When we read the Fourth Gospel we are impressed by the recollections of the unnamed disciple of events at some of which he was present, notably towards the end of this Gospel, his being at the Last Supper, his securing Peter’s entry into the palace of the high priest, his presence at the cross, and his later accompaniment of Peter to the tomb. Why is there no mention of any of these things in the synoptic Gospels? If Mark reflects the reminiscences of Peter it would be natural that he should refer to them. It is difficult to avoid concluding that the omission in the synoptic tradition of all knowledge of the mysterious disciple was intentional.

“Events of a highly dramatic character, most important for the understanding of the life of Jesus, receive no explanation, though the circumstances clearly call for one. Two instances will suffice, both relating to Passion Week. The first concerns the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when he sent two disciples forward to Bethany to obtain an ass which they would find tethered at the entrance to the village. The second event took place later the same week when Jesus and his disciples were at Bethany. In this case Jesus again sent two of his disciples (Luke says they were Peter and John son of Zebedee) to follow a man with a water-pot whom they would encounter at the gate of Jerusalem, who would lead them to the house where he would keep the Passover.

“These stories show Jesus making secret arrangements in advance with people whom obviously he trusted implicitly, plans which were so vital that he had not disclosed them even to his closest disciples. They involved signs of recognition. The two who were dispatched by Jesus were furnished with agreed passwords, in respect of the ass, ‘The Master needs him,’ and in the case of the owner of the house, ‘Which guestroom am I to have to eat the passover with my disciples?’ In the first incident the emissaries were to expect to he challenged with the words, ‘What are you up to, untying the ass?’ In the second they were to look out for a man with a water-pot. The signals were clear on both sides, and everything went according to plan.

“The stories, intriguing as they are with their cloak and dagger atmosphere, are straightforward and serve no theological purpose. We have no reason to doubt their truth. They throw important light on the behaviour of Jesus. But it would seem as if the sources did not wish to disclose why Jesus had turned to others than the Twelve, to others than Peter, James and John. Why could it not be told afterwards who was the owner of the ass at Bethany and the owner of the house at Jerusalem?”

Schonfield, Hugh. The Passover Plot: Special 40th Anniversary Edition (p. 270). Red Wheel Weiser. Kindle Edition.

Scholfield came to the conclusion that the Passover Plot failed. Jesus really did die, and the rest is history.

A Peek Into History

This book is good for getting to the reality of a relationship that quietly defies all external analysis. Jesus and Mary were in a relationship, but it wasn’t consummated.

Theirs was a spiritual union.

“I felt the enormity of the moment and what was transferred, and I gave him my feminine energy and power freely.

And the pendulum swung

female into male

and we were one.

And the most incredible revelation was that it was a part of the design.


By asking, we had received.

(Page 230)

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Scorpio – The Scorpion


Courtesy of Wikipedia

The eighth sign of the zodiac

Its symbol resembles that of Virgo, but with an arrow on the tail — doubtless to represent the sting. It is symbolized by the asp or serpent, harking back to the serpent of the Garden of Eden, and indicating that the will governs or is governed by the reproductive urge. It is sometimes symbolized by the Dragon, and is frequently linked with the constellation Aquilla — the Eagle.

The Sun is in Scorpio annually from October 23 to November 22. Astrologically and astronomically it is the second thirty-degree arc after the Sun’s passing of the Fall Equinox, occupying a position along the Ecliptic from 210° to 240°.

It is the Fixed quality of the Water element: negative, nocturnal, cold, moist, watery, mute phlegmatic.

Ruler: Pluto.

Exaltation: Uranus.

Detriment: Venus.

Fall: Moon.

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Sinon: Synonymous with Treachery


Courtesy of Wikipedia

Trojan War Spy

We think of espionage as a fairly recent phenomenon, post Revolutionary War stuff. Well, I’m here to remind you that it’s been around a very long time, maybe even as far back as the actions of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

What I am focusing on here is the one who tricked the Trojans…

According to Wikipedia:

In the Aeneid, he pretended to have deserted the Greeks and, as a Trojan captive, told the Trojans that the giant wooden horse the Greeks had left behind was intended as a gift to the gods to ensure their safe voyage home. He told them that the horse was made so big that the Trojans would not be able to move it into their city, because if they did they would be invincible to later Achaean invasion. His story convinced the Trojans because it included the former details as well as an explanation that he was left behind to die by the doing of Odysseus, who was his enemy. The Trojans brought the Trojan Horse into their city against the advice of Cassandra (given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but condemned to never be believed for not returning his love) and Laocoön (because two serpents came out of the water and strangled him and his sons, which the Trojans saw as a punishment for attacking the horse with a spear). Inside the giant wooden horse were Greek soldiers, who, as night fell, disembarked from the horse and opened the city gates, thus sealing the fate of Troy. He was also an Achaean spy who told the Greeks when the soldiers in the horse had begun their fight.

This scene is in neither the Iliad nor the Odyssey but is in the Aeneid; it is central to the perspective Virgil builds, in support of the actual Roman sentiment, of the Greeks as cunning, deceitful, and treacherous.

Why is this important?

It may be a past life of mine. The section in the Wikipedia report that discusses Quintus of Smyrna’s The Trojan Epic goes into more graphic detail of the process that the Trojan’s put him through. They cut off his ears and his nose to get him to talk. This is a tactic that is as old as the hills. If information is extracted under duress, even physical harm, it is more believable.

Trojan Horse

Courtesy of techcrunch.com

During a recent psychic ‘visit’ to the past, the lady reading the cards noted the lack of structure to a particular fighter’s ears. Strange detail, to be sure, but one that helps to pin other elements to my story. In a different discussion with the same reader, I shared the fact that when researching the Trojan War, I was torn between the two sides of the conflict. She suggested I had been a spy.

This is a role I’ve been before, for sure: see my Pierre-Esprit Radisson post, “Hero or Villain?”


If you’re going to be a character in the history of the world, remember that the Villain gets the best lines.

Civilization as we know it now would never have come about had the city of Troy not been overrun by Greeks bearing ‘gifts’. I feel part of the fabric of all life. I regret nothing from the past. It was a ‘job’ that had to be done, and like the line from “Live and Let Die”, you’ve got to give the other feller hell.



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A Hashtag Revolution

OK. So guess what? The social media campaign to have victims of sexual abuse and harassment unite using this hashtag has opened up the war of the sexes again.

Men are having to witness a parade of hurt and anger on Facebook, Twitter and any other platform that uses hashtags to track posts.

And all because Harvey Weinstein can’t keep his hands to himself or his other bits private? Pu-lease…


What does it all mean?

One of my oldest friends posted it on Facebook last weekend, and in my ‘innocence’ I chimed in, “I’m with you.”

When my sister posted it, I finally twigged that something was going on, so I asked her “What does it mean?” She patiently explained  its purpose and I wanted to dig a hole and climb into it. How awful!

Then I started seeing it everywhere. Once the genii is out of the bottle, you can’t put it back.


Power Games

Since Adam and Eve, sex has been used to subjugate other people to one’s will. (And it’s no good saying, like Flip Wilson, “The Devil made me do it.”) Humans have this thing about power and control that lends itself so neatly to natural functions like sexuality.

The fact that some will abuse what is essentially a God-given gift (the ability to continue the propagation of our species) shows that everything is meant to be in balance, but some want more than is decent or kind.

But, here’s the thing, it doesn’t just happen to women. Sexual predators abuse young men, too. Which all goes to show that they aren’t picky about where they stick it.



When I was ten years old, I was molested by a youth who was just 16. He had a very big dick. It hurt. And I bled. Does that mean I should hashtag, too?

The one thing it definitely did for me was helped me to choose to be heterosexual and to be a gentle man, too.

But am I a victim? No. Nor should any of the rest of you. We all have our pain, regrets and memories (good and bad). Don’t let this keep us from being united.

Don’t let it divide us, please.

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“X” Marks the Spot


Courtesy of 123RF

Have you ever wondered why this one letter of the alphabet is used so much more on its own than others? Maybe there’s a hidden message encoded in it.

Pirate Treasure

I was reading a post by David Wilcock a couple of days ago in which he discussed how the term “False Flag” may have originated. It would seem that the biggest organization of pirates was actually the Knights Templar*, according to him. I’d never read that before. When they wanted to take over a ship and steal its gold, they would fly the flag of that ship’s country and wear their uniforms. The ship’s crew would think that they were ‘friendly’ and let them come alongside, realizing only at the last moment, when it was too late, that they were in fact pirates.

So picture their flag now:


Courtesy of the Flag Shop

The Skull and Crossbones “Jolly Roger” flag is so much in our ‘normal’ consciousness that we tune out what the image actually means. Death.

However, the gold had to be hidden after these encounters because there were more ships to plunder, so they would land and bury the booty, creating a map to relocate the cache (cash). As the location was usually a sandy island (known as a “bank”), we can see that offshore banking  is not new for modern pirates to hide their profits.

(Even now, if you want to withdraw cash, but you can’t write your name, you mark with an ‘X’ and then get someone to vouch that you are the owner of the account.)

It is a known fact that the Knights Templar were considered the medieval equivalent of Bankers. *This might be the only reason David Wilcock thought they were the pirates: they were rounded up in the 14th century; the gold shipments from the New World didn’t start until after Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492. That means that piracy became rampant in the 16th century. The only way that it could be them would be if they went ‘underground’. If so, they would not be Knights Templar any more.


The Holy Grail

Again, the medieval era produced a story about the search for the Holy Grail. Taken at face value, this would seem to be about locating the cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. But those with an eye for spotting spiritual truth have come to realize that the Holy Grail legend may contain some hints about Mary Magdalene being the Chalice for Jesus’s Sword.


Courtesy of Winger-Hawk

At first glance this would seem to have nothing to do with our search for “X”. But what if we break the elements down and then combine them?



Symbology 101

So the image is sexual, and when the letter X is used, it demonstrates the balance point between male and female energies.


Jesus Christ


Courtesy of Simple Wikipedia

The word Christ can be represented by the first letter ‘chi’. That’s why we often see Christmas as Xmas.

As I have tried to demonstrate throughout the writing of my manuscript “The Star of Bethlehem” Jesus was probably one of the greatest examples of an individual who had a perfect balance of masculine and feminine traits. The idea that we need to be like him is built into the very fabric of our belief systems. But here’s the point: what if being like him meant being crucified to ‘normal’ life? Is that really what he meant when he spoke to his disciples of taking up their cross and following him? (Mark 8:34)

That cross is an “x”. Now that really puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?

The Knights Templar may have discovered this ‘hidden’ message in Jerusalem, during the Crusades.



So, the next time you vote in an election, think about making your mark…with an “x”.


Courtesy of missoulian.com


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Ascend to the Sun

via Daily Prompt: Ascend

My Satanic Struggle

In 1975, I wrote a poem which presented me with an interesting perspective. I saw into my adopted father’s thinking and beliefs. But that wasn’t the end to it.

In 1978, I then produced a screenplay which featured an interesting ending: Thomas Benjamin, the protagonist, when he is killed by the villain of the piece, Henry Evergreen, drifted up through the roof of the building they are in and then he drifts toward the sun.

The Connection

Years later, I found a link online to my ‘real’ father’s dramatic endeavours. The one that was highlighted was a play he acted in. The name of it? Ascend as the Sun


Honestly, you cannot make this stuff up.




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