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International Man of History

I had the impression last night, after I thought what I might write today, that Colin likes my allusion to Austen Powers: International Man of Mystery, as he had a real life role as a spiritual ‘secret agent’.

After all, who else do we know that goes about the countryside correcting ley line energy, re-enacting psychic ceremonies and visiting other countries to ‘put the world to rights’?

His Chart


You might wonder how Suzanne Thomas and I came up with the details of Colin’s birth, since he’s been gone to the ‘other side’ for a number of years: for the year (me); dowsing for the time (Suzanne). It works every time.

The first thing to note is the fact that Colin’s Sun is in the final degree of Leo, on the cusp of his 5th House. I thought it looked familiar, somehow, so I checked Jesus’ death chart and discovered that his Sun is conjunct that chart’s Ascendant, an obvious link.

Just in case I was missing something, I also looked at Jesus’ birth chart and found that Colin’s Ascendant is conjunct that chart’s 9th House cusp, another obvious connection.

But what can that possibly mean? Was Colin the ‘second coming’ of Christ? Maybe…

Remember what I said about his being a spiritual ‘secret agent’? We have an interesting opposition going on between Saturn and the Mercury/Neptune conjunction in his chart. That’s a ‘spy’ energy if ever I saw one. Colin also used to work for Military Intelligence.

There is also a very important conjunction between Mars and Jupiter in his chart. Here’s what Robert Hand says in his book Planets in Youth: “In many areas of life, you are able to time your moves very well. You have an inborn sense of the best time to act, and you do it. Also you easily get people to go along with you, because you can make them believe that your course is best.” This is quite true, as we shall see later in this blog.

Colin has one unaspected planet, Venus: it is in the 5th House which now helps us to understand why he likes his food and refreshment so much.

His Midheaven is the pivot point of the chart. It is opposite his Pluto and is square to Uranus, trine the Ascendant, and inconjunct to both the Moon and the Sun, forming a Yod (‘finger of God’). As the Midheaven is 2° Aquarius, it seems that he was meant to inaugurate the Age of Aquarius.

The Birth of Fountain

What I am going to do now is highlight the combined charts of three events which are directly related to Colin’s work. The first one is, of course, the Birth of Fountain.


The timing of this event brings the charts’ two Ascendants in fairly close conjunction, about 6° apart! Colin’s Uranus and Saturn form another Yod, this time pointing at the event’s Sun. And Colin’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction is close to the event’s Venus in Scorpio, in that overloaded 6th House. A mighty ‘wind’ (his spirit) is blowing through the Birth of Fountain.

Church of Love

This chart is just two days after the Chernobyl disaster. What great timing (again)!


Colin’s Moon is conjunct the event’s Ascendant and in opposition to its Mars/Neptune conjunction. Also Colin’s Saturn is conjunct the event’s Jupiter near its 9th House cusp.

Maybe Pluto’s power surge allowed the breakthrough for the Cathar Church of Love to be finally ‘expressed’ after being burned and buried since 1244 AD.

Glastonbury Grail Stone

I’ve saved the best one for last, even though it was the first in this series of events…


The event’s Ascendant is closely connected to Colin’s Mercury/Neptune conjunction, so this is highlighting his spiritual ‘secret agent’ work. And Colin’s Pluto is close to the event’s Mars, making this a warrior knight energy. This is reinforced by Colin’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction being centred by the event’s Uranus.

But the most outstanding feature is the almost exact conjunction between Colin’s Ascendant and the event’s Midheaven. In my humble opinion, Colin’s role here on Earth was to anchor this psychic event in the physical world by placing the Grail Stone on the tomb of King Arthur. Could there be a more perfect way to show this? I think not.


Was Colin the Second Coming? Colin himself has downplayed the concept of reincarnation. In his terms, he says that there are multi-dimensions around us which may sometimes impinge on our consciousness. Our feeling of being someone else before may just be the energy of that time and place (and person) acting upon us.

Also Colin was ever hopeful that whatever work he and his band of workers have done would be of benefit to the world. I shall end this with a direct quote from him:

So what had we done? Apart from the inference that we were an innocent band of pleasantly harmless folk fantasizing an occult romance, one had to face the fact that the dowsing results showed everything to be different. Therefore, my conclusion is that at least some of the objectives of the exercise were achieved. It is arguable that we had little free will in the matter, and we might as well have been hired hands performing a cosmic puppet show which was inevitable, with a script written by others. I wonder. I had often felt this to be the case, but I had never any doubt that we were going to go through with it, and the question of what would happen if we didn’t go through with it seemed both apposite and irrelevant at the same time.

I reasoned thus. The shift from a factor 7 to a factor of 8 had taken place. On the face of it, human consciousness had moved one stage up the scale. What did it mean in practical terms? We had to bear in mind that occult tradition in general, and the Revelation of St John and the account of Genesis in particular, had indicated that the basic rhythm of the earth was on a 7 frequency. What would happen if it were now on an 8, 8 being the number of infinity, a good number for the Aquarian Age. The first thought that occurred to me was that, whereas the basic bio-rhythms were on a 7 in the past – the 7 days a week, no one could expect this to change – however, perhaps the fact that the ley system no longer reflected this indicated that man’s higher self could escape from this rhythm. I also reflected that whereas I had at last made sense of the Elohim symbol, now one had to cope with the Chloe symbol, a circle with the 1.30 to 2.30 section missing. What could this mean? I do not know nor can I surmise. The significance of this symbol will become apparent in the next Age. It is no wonder to me that David was having problems with his old friends in the Celestial Hierarchy. On Kabbalistic level their numerological function had been changed, consequently even their names might change. Perhaps a new Revelation is necessary and a whole new nomenclature and identification of Function. Perhaps David has to do this. A whole new divine cosmology may be necessary.

As to the other objectives of the operation, time alone will tell. I hope and pray they work. Perhaps the new age will spark off a new and general awareness of the Christ spirit in everyone which will bring to an end the current struggle between Marxism and a democratic freedom which is purposeless. Perhaps the time has come when political leaders can lead men to the stars instead of to the trough or the dole queue, when the subjugation of the individual to the state bureaucracy or the search for material satisfaction can be replaced by a conscious search for spiritual fulfilment in a new relationship with the cosmos. Fervently I hope so.

Thomas, Suzanne; Bloy, Colin. Who’d Have Thought It: A Community Healing Project (Page 80). . Kindle Edition.



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Genocide of the Holy Bloodline

Mary's Murder

Courtesy of Goodreads

The Murder of Mary Magdalene

When Dan Green posted an ‘invitation’ to his internet page on one of my posts, I decided to take him up on his claim that it would give more evidence for the fact that Jesus may have been a woman.

Instead, Mr Green, in this book, went on to assert that Jesus never existed at all, and that the Roman Church substituted a figure purporting to be him for the real Teacher, who was Mary Magdalene.

Then, she was assassinated, hence the title of his book.

Let’s take a look at some of what he wrote in Chapter Eighteen:

Just about everything imaginable has been either said or suggested about the biblical figure presented to us as Mary Magdalene. That much we can agree. The most favoured and recent of the many hypothesis is that she was the partner of the historical and biblical figurehead Jesus, carrying his child and along with that the continuation of a Holy Bloodline. This Mary figure, who – after the biblical account where she was the first to visit the tomb of the rising Christ – simply vanishes from record. Yet she warrants becoming an object of character assassination by the Catholic Church and added to their tarnishing of all things female by virtue of Original Sin propaganda and inventing us the lie that she was a prostitute. This enigmatic Mary mus have been a potent female, in particular an actual spiritual teacher who had a following, and whose importance may well have been thought better removed in order to satisfy a preferred emphasis on a male Jesus figure to cater for the deep-seated homosexual tendencies that have now been brought to light by the exposure of systematic and covered up Catholic Church child abuse in both USA and Ireland and suspected in many other countries, if not all where Catholicism is rooted. That the figure of Mary Magdalene may well have been far more important in history than we could have imagined, eclipsing that of the male Jesus story line as it is told, may well be one of the better secrets held in relation to her, and the mystery attached to Rennes-le-Château. Is her connection with blood – menstruation – the one thing a male church hierarchy loathed, to menstruate being ‘men’s true hate’? Was this enigmatic Mary considered such a threat that she was physically removed from accurate recordings of history that would displease the Church, preferring an emphasis on an elevated and deified male Jesus figure? This story line may be some two thousand years ago, but in that time human nature has changed little, and powerful women who worry the residing male authority of the day are usually removed, from as far back as Jeanne D’Arc to more modern examples of Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana Spencer and Benazir Bhutto. Diana’s assassination, as many now believe it to be, having followed the vast evidence, in particular, shows her as a modern day Magdalene figure, and amongst that evidence we cannot rule out that she was also pregnant at the time of her arranged death. I was now having to face the real possibility that it was now a crime to solve. With more than a character assassination to consider, could a pregnant Mary Magdalene have been demised?

Gnostic Knowledge?


Courtesy of

None of this information is particularly new. But the fact that Mr Green followed the clues and settled on Lincoln Cathedral grounds as Mary Magdalene’s final resting place is NEW, at least to me. His use of the ‘rabbit’ language, as he calls it, to wheedle out information from place names and other items of interest is quite well done. He would also find it amusing that my use of ‘wheedle’ (which I originally spelled as ‘wheadle’) yielded the word ‘headless’ during the spellcheck. St. Margaret is implied in that synchronicity.

For at least as long as there have been belief systems in place about the actuality of an historical Jesus, there have been ‘other’ beliefs about his non-existence. So, the most telling of ‘truth’ as we can know it, asks the question: Why are there so many references to the Devil, his Imp, and other ‘negative’ thoughts in Lincoln?

Is this the Devil’s way of undercutting Jesus’ power here on earth? I can only come back to a phrase sung by the main character in Jesus Christ Superstar:

‘I have got no kingdom in this world, I’m through, through, through…’

I can only say that this thought to me is true, true, true.

Review Conclusions

On the whole, this is a fine treasure hunt. But I have only one quibble: some of the work is duplicated, repeated and overly analysed. That may be due to the fact that this book is an amalgamation of several different publications, which when put together constitute several overlapping episodes. The overall effect is one of beating you over the head with his points. However, ‘truth is truth’ wherever you find it. And you will find plenty of truth here.



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More Garden Plants





Pink Drift

Pink Drift Roses

Balloon Flowers

Balloon Flowers

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Final Pansy

Final Pansy

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Who’d Have Thought It

A Community Healing Project

Who'd Have Thought It

Cover courtesy of Fountain International on Facebook

When Suzanne Thomas told me in the latter part of last year that she was going to knuckle down and finally write THE book that she’d promised to do all those years ago, I thought, ‘Wow. That will be quite an undertaking.’

It’s not that Suzanne can’t write. Of course, she can: she’s been editing and producing the Fountain International Magazine for a few years now, since resurrecting it from the ashes like a phoenix.

No, the undertaking would involve sorting through and transcribing Colin Bloy’s writings, a mammoth task, if ever there was one. His last book I’m Just Going Down to the Pub to do a Few Miracles or, The Rational Way to Spiritual Healing  is only available as a used book on Amazon (listed at the moment for C$89.95). Years ago, I had an original of this paperback, and the quality was a little rough, to say the least. Suzanne efforts will therefore be much appreciated by Colin’s fans, as she is making available a veritable treasure-trove of spiritual knowledge.

Suzanne’s Story

The text of this book is split approximately 2/3’s Colin’s and 1/3 Suzanne’s. Her story is as fascinating as his is, but I can say that the fact that I was part of the Torquay Fountain Group, and a previous executive of the Fountain International Group makes this personal. There’s even a photo of the Torquay group in the book. It’s a great reminder of how ‘connected’ we were (and still are).

Suzanne has a very easy writing style. I enjoy reading her work in the Quarterly Magazines and Monthly Newsletters. She is very supportive of everyone’s endeavour to heal their communities. She explains how she came to be where she is now in life, and it’s a reminder of how our ‘past’ is ever-present in our lives.

For fun, I Googled Suzanne’s name and came up with this one photo from LinkedIn:

Suzanne Thomas

The ones in the book are better, so have a good look for yourself.

Glastonbury Grail Stone

In the book, Colin explains how he came to locate a stone that is purported to be part of the Holy Grail. Finding it was one portion of the ‘job’. The second portion was to do something with it. Along with Michael Bentine, he developed the idea that it needed to be placed in a ceremony on Arthur’s ‘tomb’ in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey ruins.

I’ll let Colin explain what they did:

One conclusion from all this would be that Avalon was a place of cardinal importance after Jerusalem in the mystery of Christ. Just as the ley-line system of Jerusalem showed it to be of prime importance, so the contention that the New Jerusalem is at Glastonbury ought to be taken seriously, with all the Bligh Bond and William Stirling implications. And here we were, under instruction to perform some sort of Grail ceremony at Glastonbury.

As I said earlier, Good Friday 1978 was not an organised event. But it drew the people who should have been there. And thus, on Maundy Thursday there arrived in Wells myself, Nick, Tammy, David, Eric Bosshard, (who had flown over especially from Washington), Michael, Fusty, Suki, Pesky, Joyce and John, to be joined in the following morning by Harold, Jill and Nancy, Bob and Veronica, Chris and Marcia. They all came because they felt they had to be there. After dinner on Thursday night, (which was devoted to human irreverence and minor hysterics), we felt it right to meet the following morning at Wells Cathedral. We were welcomed by the Cathedral staff and clerics as friends of Michael, who had done a BBC television appeal on behalf of the Cathedral the previous Christmas. In the Cathedral, I was seized again by the utter peace which that place gives me more than any other. All functioning well. I returned to the Chapter House. The vesical came up, and the fish, and I was given total confirmation to go ahead. The name Jesus surfaced. We continued round the Cathedral, as if we were being prepared. As we said later, the final stage of this long-awaited event started there. It was a pretty good start to the day.

We had beer and sandwiches in the hotel lounge, and drove to Glastonbury. On the way David and I noticed that we moved into a zone of continuous energy just before the hump-backed bridge which marks the border of Avalon. We came out of it on our way up to Chalice Well, where John suggested we went first for purification. We drank from the well, and John felt that the Grail stone should be washed in the well water. This we did, and thereafter no one but myself touched it. It was about 3pm David and I tried to make contact with the Elohim channel, finding it extremely difficult. For a moment, I could not understand. Then I thought of the Chloe symbol. I was getting this instead of the Elohim symbol. “It’s already happened,” I said. David knew nothing about the shift that had been predicted, because I had forgotten to tell him about it. However, he concurred with my findings. As we approached the Tor I noticed that the symbols of two years ago were no longer there at the foot of the hill. “I expect there will be different ones there tomorrow,” I said. We pressed on up the Tor. At the top there was a mighty wind which penetrated to the soul and marrow. It bore a relation neither to the ground level wind nor the overhead clouds. It seemed almost the rushing mighty wind of biblical days. The dowsable circles were functioning inside the tower. We returned to the foot, dusted ourselves off and retired to a tea-shop.

As we sat there it began to dawn on me that I was about one hour away from the operation towards which all the work of the last three years had been leading. I went into a “brown study”, thinking of the mental projections I had decided to do. I rehearsed in a very positive way. Michael had been to the Abbey shop and had presented me with a present which I will treasure to the end of my days, a replica of a cross which had been found on the tomb identified as Arthur’s. On it were the words; HIC JACET SEPULTUS IHCL ITUS REX ARTURIUS IH SULA AVALONIA, which roughly translated means, “Here lies the tomb of Arthur, King of Avalon”, On an earlier visit, Michael had asked the shop to make an English silver replica of the cross and, as they had made two copies, he kindly gave me the second one. We had completed several circuits of the Abbey walls in the car and found that the huge energy field was changing, and that it changed with every circuit! The continuous zone we had noticed earlier was no longer continuous, but there were very wide areas of dowsable energy shifting around the Abbey. We tried to make sense of it. “It is a huge rotating spiral, centred on the Abbey,” suggested David. I tested his statement and agreed with him. We assembled in the car park and moved into the Abbey grounds, a motley and rather dis-organised group of men, women and children. My thoughts  were somewhat confused, although I was aware that, at that moment, we were not masters of our own destiny. Those who were there were volunteers in a way, but we had made no definite plans of any sort. I felt a mild sense of panic. The time was getting near, 5.20pm British Summer Time. What on earth was one to do or say?  We had no established pattern for such as occasion.

The group coagulated as if by mutual consent on the Galilee, a point which John maintains is the most important in England. We stood in a circle. At that point I had promised to summarise the purpose of our visit for those who had not taken part in all previous preparations. What I said was roughly as follows:

That the objectives of the operation were –

1) To secure the proper transition to the New Age.

2) To project, through visualisation and penetration into the racial unconscious, a re-affirmation of the Grail archetype, the concept of Christ, Arthur, Albion, whole idea of solar logic, (however it had been expressed,) as a predominant influence in the New Age, and the elimination of the evil archetype, Mordred the destroyer.

3) To protect the replacing of the seals of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, who had unleashed demoniac forces, manifesting in the violent images in the racial consciousness.

4) The protection of the human psyche from technologically produced influences.

I made the point that if anyone did not feel able to take part in such an act, we would quite understand. No one left. I exhorted all to put on their spiritual armour. So saying, I asked Michael to say a prayer. He asked us to join hands and he made a prayer to the Archangel Michael and all his counterparts in the celestial hierarchy, to bless our endeavours. It was the most appropriate prayer. I asked Michael to join me in going forward to the area of Arthur’s tomb, in preparation for others to come and join us. I asked John to go out of the precincts of the building and seal it off. I do not know why I did this. It just seemed right.

Michael and I walked forward from the Galilee together, myself to the left and he to my right, John left to go outside. Michael and I separated by about a cricket pitch and focused on the two great columns of the ruined arch. My own sensations were ones of absolute certainty as to the validity of what we were doing. Michael and I seemed to be walking in step. I felt tall, almost as tall as the pillars we were approaching. We past the pillars and entered the area of the tomb. I went through the discipline of purifying the area, that is to say, visualising a beam of white light from the forehead and sweeping it around the area. Michael and I then returned towards the columns and took up station by the side of each. Michael had a blackthorn walking stick with him, which he placed point down between his feet, both hands on top, for all the world like a knight at vigil. I fell into a similar stance, both physically and mentally. I gave the signal for the others to join us, and they came forward. We had agreed not to speak a word during the operation. Wordlessly, they fell into a circle around Arthur’s tomb. I stood to the east end, for no premeditated reason. Michael was to my left and Joyce to my right. I sprinkled Lourdes water at each of the four corners, and Harold, Jill and Chris chose to stay outside the circle. I took out the Grail stone and went through the procedure Mary had outlined, precisely, projecting the sealing of the four points of the compass, spending more time on the North.

Joyce had said earlier that day, as a result of her particular perception, that she was quite certain that as a starter to the operation we should visualise a counter clockwise spiral of energy revolving outwards and upwards from the centre of the group, that is from the stone, placed on the centre of the tomb. I therefore placed the stone on the tomb and the spiral projection commenced. I went through the projections I had rehearsed, taking the items from one to five. My sensation was of departing into some infinite region of the cosmos, a very high, and long way away. Each projection and visualisation was made. I am aware of no other recollection or impression than of doing them. I do not know how long it took but probably two or three minutes. I came back to earth and stood there in a neutral condition for a while. Tears came to my eyes and blurred my vision for a moment. I looked at Michael and he nodded. Without a word, we broke up.

As we walked away something happened which was the most moving experience of my whole life, second only to the realisation that the new line from Jerusalem’s Golden Gate went to the point of the Ascension on the Mount of Olives. “Look!” said John, pointing upwards. On the centre point of three arches on the southern side of the Abbey sat a white dove. It was cooing most enthusiastically, we all watched him in a poignant moment of credulity and incredulity. “I think he approved of us,” said John, “for he joined us at the very beginning. When Michael said his prayer on the Galilee, he was there above us, and two feathers fell in the centre of the circle just as we broke up. He followed us up the church and as we formed a circle I watched him form a victory role to take up position on the arch. You know,” he said to all and sundry, “that the white dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.” “Yes,” I replied, “and in every Good Friday Grail ceremony described in medieval legends, the White Dove comes down on the Grail.”

Thomas, Suzanne; Bloy, Colin. Who’d Have Thought It: A Community Healing Project (Pages 74-76).  . Kindle Edition.

(As you can see, Colin’s style is quite relaxed and matter-of-fact; also, notice how a lot of what went on revolved around food and drink. The book is full of great meals and refreshment.)

The Chart


Glastonbury Abbey

Arthur’s Tomb marker is front and centre

Review Conclusions

Colin Bloy is a man I wished I’d gotten to know better. His work is quite earth-shaking. His words belie the importance of his actions. He may have ‘single-handedly’ ushered in the Age of Aquarius.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who wants to learn about ‘ley’ lines and ancient spiritual history. Some of it may seem far-fetched, but stranger things have happened in real life.

If you come away with even half of the information, you will have retained a lot.

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Juliet: Where’s Gnomeo?


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